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Dewatering Solutions

Millions of gallons of sludge have been pumped into Envirotubes  for containment and dewatering of industrial waste, municipal sludge, and hazardous contaminated sediments.  Gas & electric companies, paper mills, industrial plants, and residential developments are just a few of the clients that have benefited from Envirotubes dewatering technology.


Envirotubes dewatering technology is the low cost, ecologically friendly,  high volume dewatering solution.  The dewatering process is simple and effective.  The pumping process is repeated until the Envirotube is full.  Eventually, the solids can be handled as dry material, increasing options for transportation and disposal.


There are no belts, gears, or complicated mechanics. Envirotubes are constructed of high-strength, permeable, specially engineered textiles designed for containment and dewatering of high moisture content sludge and sediment.  They are available in a variety of sizes, depending on your volume and space requirements.  Envirotubes systems can even be mounted in mobile roll-off containers that can be transported around your property as necessary.  It's one of the most versatile and effective dewatering technologies available.


Volume reduction can be as much as 70%, with high solid levels that make removal and disposal easy.  Our dewatering technology also allows for profitable recovery of valuable solids.


Mechanical excavation for site preparation is minimal. Although this is a relatively new method, many regulators and engineers are familiar with the procedure. In fact, in some areas, the use of ENVIROTUBES can help in the permitting process.

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  • No capital investment

  • The process is neat and clean

  • Odorless

  • No open pit (liability)

  • Clean, decant water (Controlled)

  • Up to 70% haul-away reduction

  • Envirotubes eliminate many environmental problems on dredge and environmental cleanup jobs

  • Envirotubes can be left in place and/or used for erosion control

  • Reduces pumping distances

  • Custom fabricated with seaming techniques that withstand pressure during pumping operations.

  • High flow rate allows residual materials to dewater, while containing solids.

  • With our vertically integrated manufacturing approach, Envirotubes controls all aspects of product quality.

  • Over 1,000 dewatering projects have used Envirotubes.

  • Envirotubes  has partnered with federal agencies to develop and advance the technology.



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