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Sediment Removal System

The DINO Six is a sediment removal system developed to perform jobs inaccessible to other equipment. Weighing only 3000 pounds, the DINO six can access retention ponds, golf courses, sediment lagoons, home association lakes, marinas and a myriad of other tasks that excavators and hydraulic dredges simply cannot get to.


The system is simple and easy to operate. Sediment is excavated and moved to the inlet of the pump by a direct horizontal cutter head. The sediment is then carried away at up to 1600 GPM by our abrasion-resistant hydraulic submersible pump. For dewatering into ENVIROTUBES, this flow rate is superb.


Although the DINO Six is lightweight, it is made of materials and components that are tougher and longer-lasting than those of much larger machines. The floats are constructed of high grade stainless steel. All other parts are finished with a highly durable powder coating to prevent rust and corrosion.


When the work is completed, the DINO Six is easily lifted out of the water and loaded onto a trailer, just like a boat. It does not disturb the shoreline and leaves no footprint that needs to be repaired.


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