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What is Envirotubes?


Industrial Fabrics, Inc. has been one of the pioneers in the United States in the manufacturing and installation of structural and dewatering tubes both nationally and internationally. For over 20 years, ENVIROTUBES have been the most practical and cost effective choice. Industrial Fabrics designs custom DEWATERING and STRUCTURAL tube applications specific to a clients needs.


ENVIROTUBES are high strength fabric, tubular containers, designed to contain sediment and solids for dewatering and/or structural applications.




Envirotubes used for dewatering are dredge spoils, industrial and municipal sludge, and other pump slurries products through environmental remediation projects. Currently the most common reason ENVIROTUBES are used for limited areas near a project for containment and dewatering of material.


Millions of gallons of sludge have been pumped into Envirotubes containers for containment and dewatering of industrial waste, municipal sludge, and hazardous contaminated sediments.  Paper mills, chemical companies, industrial plants, and nuclear power plants are just a few of the clients that have benefited from Envirotubes dewatering technology.




Envirotubes geocontainment technology is used as an integral component in the design and construction of a variety of marine and hydraulic engineering structures such as breakwaters, levies, and marine spoil-containment structures.  Once in place, our technology provides years of continued performance.

Dewatering - WillowBrook

Structural - Pirates Beach

Features & Benefits


  • Less space is required than traditional spoil areas

  • Easy to set up

  • Easy to transport

  • Less dangerous (no liability)

  • Can be used to dewater most any slurry that contains solids

  • Will work in most any weather conditions

  • ENVIROTUBE fabric is unaffected by ph and is impervious to most nonpetroleum materials and has even been used on some petroleum sludge successfully

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