Applications -

Drainage Runoff Applications

  • Airfields

  • Automobile parking areas

    • Supermarkets

    • Shopping centers

  • Highways

  • Residential areas

  • Farming operations

  • Mining operations

  • Oil Spills

Fine grained dredged material

  • Clean material

  • Contaminated material

Municipal sewage sludge

  • Sewage sludge lagoon

  • Digester sludge

Water treatment plants

  • Lime waste

  • Aluminum sulfate waste

Paper mills

  • Waste water lagoons

  • Water filtration


  • Animal Waste

    • Pork farms

    • Dairy farms

    • Chicken farms

    • Cattle farms

  • Potash

  • Phosphate

Fly ash

  • Coal power plants (wet & dry)

  • Municipal waster (wet & dry)

  • Paper mills

  • Lumber mills

Mine tailings

  • Oil shale

  • Iron ore

  • Copper

  • Silver

  • Gold

Drilling mud & cuttings

(oil & gas wells)

  • Onshore

  • Offshore

Radon contaminated sheetrock waste

Envirotubes dewatering technology delivers solutions that offer high strength geotextiles with very unique filtration and retention properties.  From our complete product line for the Dewatering Market, we offer materials that provide solutions for the following applications:

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