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Dean Wickoren has over 50 years of experience in the dredge and dewatering industry. Dean is prepared to assist you with your project. His extensive in-field training has made him the best in this field.  

Our Expert. 


Designed & Built
  • Sludge pumps

  • Flood control pumps

  • Sewage bypass systems

  • Sediment removal & environmental cleanup dredges

  • The original IMS 4010, one of the most numerous sludge dredges in the world, and still used as a standard of performance

  • Sewage digester and other sludge pumping systems

  • Bypass and flood control pumping systems from 500 gpm to 30,000 gpm

  • Sewerage bypass and digester emptying systems, using H&H hydraulic powered submersed pumps.

  • Sludge dredging equipment - DINOSIX.COM

  • Fluid power (hydraulic) systems for OEM & custom heavy equipment

  • Prototype equipment for OEM (original equipment manufacturers), including vacuum trucks, pole service trucks, pumping & dredging equipment

  • Manufactured a line of pumps for flood control, irrigation, high volume sludge pumping, mine & pit dewatering (up to 36,000 gpm), and pumps for animal waste & municipal sludge

  • Patented and manufactured a complete through-the-ice aeration system. Only system approved by the State of MN and the U.S. Fish and Wildllife for preventing winter fish kill

  • Sewerage bypass & digester emptying systems, using H&H hydraulic powered submersed pumps

  • Repaired and customized hydraulic powered equipment

Technical Support / Presentations
  • Technical support for customers & contractors regarding installations and filling procedures

  • Assisted design engineers on bid specs and installation designs for Envirotubes™

  • Worked with customers, contractors, and design engineers on Geotextile tube applications

  • Responsible for in-field training and troubleshooting

  • DOMESTIC & OVERSEAS:  Presented training seminars for engineers, contractors service personnel and operators

  • Presented seminars for design engineers; government personnel; U.S. Forest Service to logging contractors and paper mills

  • Presented seminars for the University of Minnesota and the University of Wisconsin to VOTECH (vocational technical school) teachers

  • Created textbooks and courses

Sales / Marketing
  • Domestic and Export:  Southeast Asia, China, & South America

  • Fluid power hydraulic components

Work History / Employers
  • 2003- Present:  Industrial Fabrics, Inc. - Baton Rouge,   TECHNICAL DIRECTOR

  • 1997-2003:  Synthetic Industries,  TECHNICAL & FIELD INSTALLATION REP

  • 1986-1996:  Innovated Material Systems (IMS), CO-FOUNDER & PRESIDENT

  • 1975-1986:  H&H Pump Company (Hydraulic & Heavy Equip. Co) PRESIDENT & VICE PRESIDENT

  • 1962-1975:  EPASCO (Equipment Parts & Service Company),  CO-FOUNDER, VICE PRESIDENT, & PRESIDENT

  • 1958-1962:  Subcontractor (Northern Region), FIELD SERVICE, EQUIPMENT OPERATOR, & DEMONSTRATOR

  • 1953-1958: Road Machinery & Supply Company, APPRENTICE MECHANIC, MECHANIC & PARTS

  • 1951-1953:  US NAVY, AIR CREWMAN in Gruman Avenger (TBM)

  • Charter member and past president of the Fluid Power Society, Chapter 5, Minneapolis, MN

  • Taught fluid power design & function / fluid power maintenance and testing evening courses, St. Paul VOTECH (9 years)

  • Worked & set up jobs in 27 countries, including the United States

  • Hold several patents

  • Built and raced a sailboat on Lake Superior

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