Dean and Richard Wickoren started building pumping systems and dredging equipment in 1975. In the past three decades, the Wickorens have built small dredges for solving hundreds of problem applications worldwide. These experiences, along with the changing needs of the industry, have led to the development of the uniquely portable, highly durable DINO Six.


Features / Components

  • Available for Purchase

  • Cummins Turbocharged Diesel Engine

  • Abrasion Resistant (400 Brinell) Hydraulic Submersible Pump

  • Dual Motor, Direct Drive Cutterhead

  • Compartmentalized Stainless Steel Flotation

  • Murphy Safety Shut Down on Engine and Hydraulic System

  • Dual Motor In-Line Travel System


DINOSIX Cutsheet




  • Length: 18 feet

  • Width: 71 inches

  • Height: 64 inches

  • Weight (less fuel): 3,240 lbs.

  • Discharge Diameter: 6 inches

  • Horsepower: 60

  • Fuel Capacity: 20 gallons

  • Working Depth: 14 inches to 10 feet

  • Flow 1600 gpm Max: 1100 gpm @ 50 feet TDH


Ph:    225-273-9600

Fax:   225-273-0440 

TF:    800-848-4500


510 O'Neal Lane Ext   

Baton Rouge, LA USA 70819

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