Testing and Evaluation


The first step of a project implementation is testing and evaluation of dewatering efficiency.  Testing is key for proper preparation of a dewatering project.  There are several important waste parameters to consider:

  • Type of waste

  • Volume of waste (gallons or cubic yards / liters or cubic meters)

  • Specific gravity of solids in waste

  • Percent solids in waste

  • Target percent solids after dewatering

  • Pumping or dredging rate (GPM/m3M, hours per day, or days per year)

Envirotubes™ recommends that a sample be obtained.  Through bench testing, you will identify the chemical conditioning that yields the best results. Envirotubes offers many testing and evaluation options.  Our small scale tests, the Cone Test and the Rapid Dewatering Test (RDT), evaluate the efficiency of candidate polymers.  The small scale tests help to predict three criteria:  (1) percent dewatered solids, (2) effuent quality, and (3) volume reduction. 



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Technical Data


Technical Data

Hanging Bag Test


This test is designed to determine the final capacity of the Envirotubes by measuring the shrinkage factor of the material to be dredged.

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